Ningbo Global Sourcing

NGS: Your Solution to Low-cost Country Sourcing

Ningbo Global Sourcing is a full service supply chain and manufacturing supplier. Specializing in supply systems to technically demanding customers that demand an Asian supplier that can take complete control of and responsiblity for the systems and components its sources and manufactures.
Ningbo Global Sourcing helps middle market companies and their owners achieve the benefits of sourcing products and components from low cost regions of the world while exceeding demanding quality standards.
Ningbo Global Sourcing has its headquarters in Ningbo, China, plus sourcing and service offices in Ningbo, Penang, Malaysia and Fort Wayne, IN (USA). We have suppliers qualified in China, Korea and Malaysia and have access to other suppliers in other parts of Southeast Asia.
Ningbo Global Sourcing is a USA owned, fully licensed and qualified trading company with a professional team of multinational staff

Product Information

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Make Life Easier For Our Customers

Save Time

Reduce Operating Costs

Increase Revenue

Lower Risk

NGS has personnel on the ground in Asia to deal with detailed daily tasks so our customers can focus on what is truly important - Growing Their Business
NGS has an Established Network of contacts and suppliers in multiple LLC locations and will leverage them to achieve the goals of our customers as quickly as possible
NGS will work to get you the Best Price on all products sourced and can utilize its internal resources to develop Innovative Solutions to improve total cost
NGS can find Additional Production Capacity and Develop Alternate Products to improve customer service and expand your product offering
The Experienced NGS team can manage the quaility, service and cost risks of LCC sourcing so you do not have to worry